Testimonials: Paula Richter

I desperately came to Dr. Aldino Pierotti in November of 2006, after my health went progressively downhill for six years. My fibromyalgia symptoms of twenty-three years had considerably worsened, and it was affecting just about every system in my body. The severe bouts of body pain had spread up to the nerves in my face, which gave me excruciating pain from head to toe. Doctors kept telling me depression was causing my pain to worsen. I knew I was depressed. But I was also smart enough to understand that it was the pain (and lack of medical help) that was causing the depression. Doctors kept “band-aiding” my symptoms with more and more medication. They had no interest in helping me find out what was CAUSING the pain and my many other physical problems. And when their medication gave me side effects, they suggested more medication to cover up those side effects. Their method of treating me was insane. I was desperate for someone to help me feel better. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t do activities with my daughter and husband. I couldn’t take care of my home. I couldn’t sleep. At forty-seven years of age, I was disabled.

I will never forget sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment, when Dr. Pierotti entered. He had a look of sincere concern and compassion on his face and held my records in his hand. He sat down and said to me, “you will no longer be treated like a car engine with a million parts.

You will be treated as the whole person that you are, and I know what to do to make you well again.” I told him he would have to prove it to me, and over time, he did. His testing revealed I had multiple different problems which were causing my pain and other symptoms. He addressed every one of them. One of my main problems was a systemic
fungal infection. The most difficult part of his treatment was the breaking down of this infection which caused all of my symptoms to worsen for five weeks. However, after that “die-off” period, I felt considerably better, and continued to improve over the following nine months. At the present time I am pain-free 98% of the time!

With the use of the proper supplements, Dr. Pierotti rebuilt my immune system. I went from having six to nine severe viruses a year to one to two mild ones. My serious allergy symptoms have become practically non-existent. I am back to work, spending time with my family and friends, and doing everything I love to do, once again. I credit Dr. Aldino Pierotti with giving me back my health and my life.

- Paula Signorino-Richter