Testimonials: Stacy Nyikos

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome during my junior year of college. 14 years and countless doctor appointments later, I had nearly given up hope of finding a doctor who could offer an explanation for the array of symptoms I was experiencing — let alone an effective treatment plan. All that changed when I met Dr. Pierotti. Although I was initially hesitant to travel out-of-state and see a doctor not covered by our insurance plan, I knew I had made the right decision within the first five minutes of my appointment with Dr. P. Immediately, I felt I was in very knowledgeable and capable hands. I could tell Dr. P paid close attention to everything I had noted on my patient assessment forms as he quoted my answers back to me numerous times during my appointment. He was able to explain the cause of many of my symptoms and offered a plan for treatment based on scientific studies and his own successful track record of treating fibromyalgia and CFS. He was also able to identify previously undiagnosed issues through careful testing and even provided me with a personalized medication and supplement summary so I knew exactly what to take and what results I could expect from each one. Dr. P thoroughly explained all of my test results to me and never failed to answer any of my questions.

In a day and time where most doctor’s appointments seem rushed, lab results are only addressed if they are wildly out of range, and there is limited communication or rapport between physician and patient, Dr. Pierotti offers a very stark and welcome contrast to what has become an acceptable standard of care. His dedication to the well-being of his patients is commendable as are his efforts to empower his patients with an understanding of their condition and the tools necessary for their healing.

- Stacy Nyikos