Testimonials: To My Son’s Savior

My son Townsend was diagnosed with Autism when he was 8 years old. We tried dietary supplements with great success. We worked with many of the best doctors all over the United States. Townsend was well enough to function. However, around 9 years of age, Townsend began to complain of severe pain and extreme fatigue. The pain became chronic and constant. He could no longer attend school. He was homebound and constantly going to many doctors. We did many treatments including Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, very strong narcotics, and many different detox diets. We did anything and everything to try to help our suffering child. We went to the top hospitals… U.V.A. in Virginia, Wake Forest in North Carolina, a brilliant doctor in Fairfax Virginia, his pediatrician Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, and an endocrinologist in Lynchburg Virginia. Nothing seemed to help. He ended up in a wheel chair. Townsend’s weight also increased by leaps and bounds despite minimal caloric intake. We would go to our doctors and they just did not know what to do. Finally we started heavy duty narcotics. (They really didn’t relieve the pain) and who wants their 14 year old son on high dose Oxycontin.

Townsend’s school would call when he would try to attend. (He loves to learn) and say hurry hurry Townsend’s not well. By the time I got to the school Townsend would be slumped over unresponsive in incredible debilitating pain. The school was frightened for Townsend. It was all I could do to get him to the car in his wheel chair and back to his bed. It was a very scary time for our family and this lasted 7 years. We had to take him out of school and he received homebound instruction; which was very very hard on Townsend.

We spent three weeks with Townsend’s doctor in Lynchburg Virginia right before Christmas 2007, determined to help him get better. He came home that December in incredible pain and no relief or help after a great attempt. After Christmas 2007, Townsend had an appointment with his endocrinologist in Lynchburg Virginia. She had been in Townsend’s life for six years and saw the pain and the weight gain he endured. Townsend was a human guinea pig. The multitude of doctors tried everthing. No one could get to the bottom of the pain, fatigue, and weight gain. During this visit, as Townsend (slumped over in his wheel chair in pain), his doctor said this has gone on to long. I thought Townsend was going to pass away. He was the toughest person I knew… to stay in that much pain for that long. That is when I mentioned about Dr. Aldino Pierotti, a fatigue specialist I had found on the internet, to his endocrinologist and she said “we’ll make it happen”. My son woke up every morning to say” I’m in pain Mom.’ So his endocrinologist wrote a letter to our insurance company, and Townsend’s insurance helped fly (It took a wheel chair to get from gate to plane) him to see Dr. Pierotti in Pittsburgh. As soon as we met Dr. Pierotti I was so impressed with his knowledge of Townsend’s condition.

I knew as a Mom, when we first spoke to Dr. Pierotti, that he was going to help Townsend. Townsend even looked up at him with hope. When Dr. Pierotti started talking I could not believe how educated this man was about Townsend’s condition. I study hard to help Townsend and have learned a great deal about chronic fatigue and pain. Dr. Pierotti was so concerned and knowledgeable that I finally took a deep breath after 8 years. Dr. Pierotti, without hesitation, said “I know I can get Townsend well”. He was right! We took many vials of blood and ran many tests; and Dr. Pierotti addressed all of the blood results. I knew it would be hard work but it was Townsend’s last chance and I knew this doctor had the knowledge to get him well. We did all treatments prescribed by Dr. Pierotti. He wrote letters to Townsend’s physicians and school. He went beyond a doctor’s duty! Then, on July 5th, two days after Townsend’s 16th birthday, after being in daily pain for 8 years… he woke up and said Mom “I’m not in pain!” It had been only 89 days since he first saw Dr. Pierotti. After 8 years of no sleep, debilitating fatigue, and unbelievable pain, he was awake, rested, and pain free!! All in less than 4 months.
We still do some supplements everyday and a sleep medication…but NO pain

Our beautiful 6 foot 16 year old has started High School. He walks the mile home. It’s been the most wonderful gift to have him enjoy his life again. I’m still in a state of shock. He does catch colds easily but recovers very quickly without medication. He still requires more rest than most kids his age but he’s out of pain, happy, confident, and so glad to be starting his life. He wants to be a screen writer. He is my hero.

Our family’s hero is Dr. Aldino Pierotti. Thank you Dr. Pierotti for devoting your time to educate yourself, your patients, and for healing people that need your help. No child or adult should be allowed to suffer in pain when there is help and hope. Our family thanks you for helping our son. We will always need you and pray you help other people like Townsend.

Townsend suffered for 8 years. Dr. Pierotti cured the fatigue and pain and gave our son his life back in 4 months.

Thank you again Dr. Pierotti for being an exceptional doctor and wonderful person.

- The Hutchinson Family – David, Andrea, Townsend, and Grace