Chronic Fatigue Treatment

Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) are serious chronic disorders afflicting millions of Americans, mostly women in the prime of their lives. FM causes widespread muscle pain, fatigue, and painful tender points. CFS causes profound exhaustion. People with FM and CFS often experience problems with sleep, muscle and joint stiffness, anxiety, and many other symptoms.

Conventional VS State Of The Art Treatment

Unfortunately, today’s conventional treatments primarily mask symptoms. This has included the extensive use of pain medications and antidepressants. The underlying causes are simply not treated. FM and CFS are not psychological disorders. They have real causes which when discovered can be successfully treated.

The onset of FM/CFS may be difficult to determine but is often linked to an injury, physical or emotional trauma, or infection. Diagnosis and treatment requires a thorough assessment and great medical expertise. I am a specially trained physician that uncovers and confirms your diagnosis with a thorough history and physical, assessment of all symptoms and tender points, and extensive key blood tests.

Upon diagnosis of FM or CFS, I will begin a strategic course of treatment focusing on:

  1. Sleep
    Optimizing the quality of deep stage 3 and 4 sleep to recharge the hypothalamus and pituitary
  2. Boost the Cellular Components
    The Mitochondria and Immune SystemThe mitochondria are the power plants of our cells. Most people suffering from chronic conditions experience poorly functioning mitochondria. As a result the body lacks the energy needed to carry on normal bodily functions including the immune system. Boost your mitochondrial activity will increase energy,metabolism, and your immune system.
  3. Balance your Hormones and Nutrition
    Hormones are the most abundant and influential bio-chemicals in our bodies. Hormones regulate numerous functions including growth, metabolism, and reproduction. Chronic stress – physical, emotional or environmental – can cause hormonal imbalances that result in a vicious cycle of physical and emotional collapse. FM and CFS have been shown to result from serious hormonal deficiencies. I carefully assesses your hormonal – especially thyroid – and nutritional levels for deficiencies. I use bioidentical hormones (BHRT) as well as pharmaceutical grade nutritionalsupplements necessary for proper muscle function and tissue repair. BHRT are plant derived natural hormones that are molecule for molecule identical to those produced by our own body. They are considered safe and effective and prescribed in amounts customized specifically for your unique requirements. Restored hormonal balance improves your immune system, mood, energy, cognitive function and overall sense of well being.
  4. Address, Attack, and Eradicate Occult Infections, Heavy Metal Toxicity, and Food Allergies
    Hidden (occult) infections, heavy metal toxicity (mercury, lead, etc.), and food allergies are often present in patients with FM and CFS. Typically these insidious offenders go undetected, creating a constant drain on your body’s reserves and significantly speed up the biological aging process. I investigate far beyond the typical medical approach. Rather than treat the symptoms, I will uncover through extensive laboratory testing the causes and eliminate the offenders through safe, proven, science-based medical treatment approaches. 

    For most, the complex problems associated with FM and CFS developed over a long period of time. With your commitment, I will work tirelessly to support your road to recovery every step of the way. Through a comprehensive treatment plan to detoxify and restore your hormonal and nutritional balance, numerous patients suffering with FM and CFS have experienced a new life and a new hope for a brighter productive future.