Just as I turned 60, I was diagnosed at the Cleveland Clinic with Fibromyalgia and was told my only hope was to take narcotics and addictive painkillers on a daily basis. It was supposed to ease my pain and I was desperate for relief, so I tried several different types of painkillers, none of which my body could tolerate. In the end, I was told there was nothing further that could be done, no help to be had, no miracle drug to ease my pain. I lost hope and resigned myself to learning to live with this horrible illness as best I could.

Unfortunately, at this point living meant that I would primarily be confined to a chair for most of the day, rarely moving so my joints didn’t become inflamed and intensify the muscle pain in my body. At night I tossed and turned, unable to get a refreshed sleep. I became more depressed and unable to participate in a normal life, let alone my old life.

Before getting sick, I walked daily and was an avid swimmer, but landscaping was my passion. So much so that I ended up with a showplace yard. My friends constantly requested my advice and wanted me to help with the digging, hauling of rock and planting of their own gardens. I was in my element and I loved it! Then I got sick and soon my health deteriorated to the degree that I was unable to care for my beautiful gardens. I was devastated. It only got worse as slowly my health continued its downward spiral and eventually I could barely take care of my own home. On a good day, I could do one, possibly two chores, but on a bad day, I wasn’t even able to cook. If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, you know the hopelessness and despair of which I write about and have suffered through.
After some thought, I decided to join a Fibromyalgia support group where I was able to express my frustrations with others that understood what I was experiencing. I also hoped that someone might know of something that would help me get healthy again. The very first time I attended, there was a presentation given by Dr. Aldino Pierotti. Little did I know my life was about to turn completely around.

Ever the skeptic, I went home and shared with my husband what I had heard and he encouraged me to see Dr. Pierotti. I traveled to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was instantly impressed. During my initial visit, he did extensive blood tests and I immediately liked Dr. Pierotti. Initially, I traveled once a month or more to the Center to get infusion therapy, modify my prescriptions and dosages, and pick up supplements that the doctor recommended. After just two months of treatment, I started to feel better, despite the fact that I had to undergo a hysterectomy. In fact, I breezed through the surgery; a result of being fortified by all the supplements given to me at the Center. I began to feel like myself again and could tell my old pep was coming back.

After six months of continued and consistent treatment, I feel 100% better. I take almost no medication anymore; and only see him if twice a year for monitoring. I am so grateful to have such an amazing physician, Dr. Pierotti, and his supportive staff. I have my life back, just in time to work my beloved garden again. Spring is coming and I have tons to do out there, but most importantly; I have the energy to do it. But first, I think I will go for a dip… Life is good all over again!


Alive again! Finally, after 25 years of suffering with the soreness and sleeplessness of Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS), I am living life again. I was certain my life would be filled with constant pain ultimately ending in hopelessness and immobility.
After a bout with Mononucleosis in my youth, my very active volunteer life slowly piddled away to nothing. But it didn’t end there; that was only the beginning. As the years progressed I found I could not work beyond or in my home. Since I never knew how I would feel from day to day, I could not make plans in advance. If I pushed myself to do physical tasks, I felt sick for days and would go into a deep depression. For years I searched for answers and after being constantly misdiagnosed, I was eventually told that I had FM and CFIDS.

Treatment options were nil or came in pill forms such as pain killers and anti-depressants. I had spent most of my life on various medications for asthma, allergies and sinusitis, with no major issues, but my body simply couldn’t handle the pain medications I was prescribed. I had no choice but to suffer in silence. In a constant haze of pain and fatigue, I began to spiral downward into depression. Eventually, I began to realize I would never be capable of dealing with life and my illness if I were constantly depressed. I reluctantly agreed to try anti-depressants. Six months later and only feeling worse, I quit taking them; convinced more than ever that a pill was not the answer for me. I continued searching for treatment options. Some worked for a while, providing significant to minor relief, but inevitably failed to provide any long term improvement. Sleepless nights and lethargic days became the norm.

When I found Dr. Aldino Pierotti, I felt they were my last hope. Nothing else had worked. Although I made my first appointment, deep inside I had begun to accept that I would likely be sick for the rest of my life. I was taking a risk. Fortunately, that risk paid off and Dr. Pierotti’s efforts made an enormous difference in the quality of my life. The first two months of the program were very difficult, to be honest. During the die-off phase of the plan, I was not pleasant to be around. I felt lousy, like I was getting worse and regularly vented at and to Dr. Pierotti and staff. Their constant encouragement and support kept me going. Never loosing faith (or patience) in me, they helped me to keep the faith in myself and their treatments. Soon, the aches and pains vanished, as did the severe fatigue.

Years ago, my husband and I began renovations on our 250 year old farm house and I started writing a novel. After my body became so wrought with aches and fatigue, I couldn’t help with the house or write more than 2 chapters without feeling completely exhausted and used up. That has all changed! I can’t over do and I must stay on the maintenance plan, but I have my life back. I used to think of all the things I would never be well enough to accomplish or enjoy again. Now I think of all the new things I will do in my pain free future. Thank you Dr. Pierotti!


Something’s wrong with me.  I feel like I’m dying a slow death.”  These were the exact words I shared with my mother one Sunday afternoon as I sat on the kitchen floor crying, too weak to stand to make a cup of tea.  I knew it was bad when I began struggling to get up in the mornings for work. Once there, things only got worse as I found myself sitting in a fog unable to clearly think or remember the simplest things.  I thought I was suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s, as this was not normal.

By the end of the day, I was so tired that dinner for my kids often consisted of drive through fast food.  Cooking was impossible.  My house was dirty with clothes either unwashed or sitting in baskets wrinkled because I didn’t have any energy to do laundry anymore.  I spent my evenings and weekends lying on the sofa crying from the pain, fatigue, and brain fog.  I felt completely helpless and I knew my kids were suffering.  At this point, I could barely take care of myself and was having a difficult time taking care of my children.

My son soon began getting into trouble at school and was angry with me all the time.  He couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t do things with him and began to think I was rejecting him and didn’t love him.  I knew something had to change.

I had been to a half dozen doctors, all diagnosing me with arthritis and later with depression.  It clearly wasn’t!  They just didn’t know what it was and I was getting more desperate as my life slowly crumbled before me.

One day I decided to do some research myself and began looking online for answers.  What I found was what I call now – a miracle.  I happened to stumble across chronic fatigue syndrome and Dr. Aldino Pierotti and called immediately.  Shortly thereafter, I visited his Pittsburgh office where Dr. Pierotti, not only listened to me, but was able to provide me with information and answers.  I began treatment immediately and today I am no longer in pain.  I don’t spend my weekends crying on the sofa anymore, but instead I am able to spend time with my family and friends doing the things I used to do.  I have my energy back and most importantly my family.  Dr. Pierotti literally gave me back my life.


I desperately came to Dr. Aldino Pierotti after my health went progressively downhill for six years.  My fibromyalgia symptoms of twenty-three years had considerably worsened, and it was affecting  just about every system in my body.  The severe bouts of body pain had spread up to the nerves in my face, which gave me excruciating pain from head to toe.  Doctors kept telling me depression was causing my pain to worsen.  I knew I was depressed.  But I was also smart enough to understand that it was the pain (and lack of medical help) that was causing the depression.  Doctors kept “band-aiding” my symptoms with more and more medication.  They had no interest in helping me find out what was CAUSING the pain and my many other physical problems.  And when their medication gave me side effects, they suggested more medication to cover up those side effects.  Their method of treating me was insane.  I was desperate for someone to help me feel better.  I couldn’t work.  I couldn’t do activities with my daughter and husband.  I couldn’t take care of my home.  I  couldn’t sleep.  At forty-seven years of age, I  was disabled.

I will never forget sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment, when Dr. Pierotti entered.  He had a look of sincere concern and compassion on his face and held my records in his hand.  He sat down and said to me, “you will no longer be treated like a car engine with a million parts.

You will be treated as the whole person that you are, and I know what to do to make you well again.”  I told him he would have to prove it to me, and over time, he did.  His testing revealed I had multiple different problems which were causing my pain and other symptoms.  He addressed every one of them.  One of my main problems was a systemic

fungal infection.  The most difficult part of his treatment was the breaking down of this infection which caused all of my symptoms to worsen for five weeks.  However, after that “die-off” period, I felt considerably better, and continued to improve over the following nine months.   At the present time I am pain-free 98% of the time!   With

the use of the proper supplements, Dr. Pierotti rebuilt my immune system.  I went from having six to nine severe viruses a year to one to two mild ones.  My serious allergy symptoms have become practically non-existent.   I am back to work, spending time with my family and friends, and doing everything I love to do, once again.  I credit Dr. Aldino Pierotti with giving me back my health and my life.


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome during my junior year of college.  14 years and countless doctor appointments later, I had nearly given up hope of finding a doctor who could offer an explanation for the array of symptoms I was experiencing  — let alone an effective treatment plan.   All that changed when I met Dr. Pierotti.  Although I was initially hesitant to travel out-of-state and see a doctor not covered by our insurance plan, I knew I had made the right decision within the first five minutes of my appointment with Dr. P.   Immediately, I felt I was in very knowledgeable and capable hands.  I could tell Dr. P paid close attention to everything I had noted on my patient assessment forms as he quoted my answers back to me numerous times during my appointment.  He was able to explain the cause of many of my symptoms and offered a plan for treatment based on scientific studies and his own successful track record of treating fibromyalgia and CFS.  He was also able to identify previously undiagnosed issues through careful testing and even provided me with a personalized medication and supplement summary so I knew exactly what to take and what results I could expect from each one.   Dr. P thoroughly explained all of my test results to me and never failed to answer any of my questions.

In a day and time where most doctor’s appointments seem rushed, lab results are only addressed if they are wildly out of range, and there is limited communication or rapport between physician and patient, Dr. Pierotti offers a very stark and welcome contrast to what has become an acceptable standard of care.  His dedication to the well-being of his patients is commendable as are his efforts to empower his patients with an understanding of their condition and the tools necessary for their healing.


To My Son’s Saviour

My son Townsend was diagnosed with Autism when he was 8 years old.  We tried dietary supplements with great success. We worked with many of the best doctors all over the United States.  Townsend was well enough to function. However,  around 9 years of age, Townsend began to complain of severe pain and extreme fatigue. The pain became chronic and constant.  He could no longer attend school.  He was homebound and constantly going to many doctors.  We did many treatments including Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, very strong narcotics, and many different detox diets.  We did anything and everything to try to help our suffering child. We went to the top hospitals… U.V.A. in Virginia, Wake Forest in North Carolina, a brilliant doctor in Fairfax Virginia, his pediatrician Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, and an endocrinologist in Lynchburg Virginia. Nothing seemed to help. He ended up in a wheel chair.  Townsend’s weight also increased by leaps and bounds despite minimal caloric intake.  We would go to our doctors and they just did not know what to do.  Finally we started heavy duty narcotics.  (They really didn’t relieve the pain) and who wants their 14 year old son on high dose Oxycontin.

Townsend’s school would call when he would try to attend. (He loves to learn) and say hurry hurry Townsend’s not well.  By the time I got to the school Townsend would be slumped over unresponsive in incredible debilitating pain. The school was frightened for Townsend.  It was all I could do to get him to the car in his wheel chair and back to his bed.  It was a very scary time for our family and this lasted 7 years.  We had to take him out of school and he received homebound instruction; which was very very hard on Townsend.

We spent three weeks with Townsend’s doctor in Lynchburg Virginia right before Christmas 2007, determined to help him get better.  He came home that December in incredible pain and no relief or help after a great attempt. After Christmas 2007, Townsend had an appointment with his endocrinologist in Lynchburg Virginia.  She had been in Townsend’s life for six years and saw the pain and the weight gain he endured.  Townsend was a human guinea pig.  The multitude of doctors tried everthing. No one could get to the bottom of the pain, fatigue, and weight gain.  During this visit, as Townsend (slumped over in his wheel chair in pain), his doctor said this has gone on to long. I thought Townsend was going to pass away.  He was the toughest person I knew… to stay in that much pain for that long. That is when  I mentioned about Dr. Aldino Pierotti, a fatigue specialist I had found on the internet, to his endocrinologist and she said “we’ll make it happen”. My son woke up every morning to say” I’m in pain Mom.’ So his endocrinologist wrote a letter to our insurance company, and Townsend’s insurance helped fly (It took a wheel chair to get from gate to plane) him to see Dr. Pierotti in Pittsburgh.  As soon as we met Dr. Pierotti I was so impressed with his knowledge of Townsend’s condition.

I knew as a Mom, when we first spoke to Dr. Pierotti, that he was going to help Townsend. Townsend even looked up at him with hope.  When Dr. Pierotti started talking I could not believe how educated this man was about Townsend’s condition.  I study hard to help Townsend and have learned a great deal about chronic fatigue and pain. Dr. Pierotti was so concerned and knowledgeable that I finally took a deep breath after 8 years.  Dr. Pierotti, without hesitation, said “I know I can get Townsend well”.  He was right! We took many vials of blood and ran many tests; and Dr. Pierotti addressed all of the blood results.  I knew it would be hard work but it was Townsend’s last chance and I knew this doctor had the knowledge to get him well.  We did all treatments prescribed by Dr. Pierotti.  He wrote letters to Townsend’s physicians and school.  He went beyond a doctor’s duty! Then, on July 5th,  two days after Townsend’s 16th birthday, after being in daily pain for 8 years… he woke up and said Mom “I’m not in pain!”  It had been only 89 days since he first saw Dr. Pierotti.  After 8 years of no sleep, debilitating fatigue, and unbelievable pain, he was awake, rested, and pain free!!  All in less than 4 months.

We still do some supplements everyday and a sleep medication…but NO pain medication.

Our beautiful 6 foot 16 year old has started High School.  He walks the mile home.  It’s been the most wonderful gift to have him enjoy his life again. I’m still in a state of shock.  He does catch colds easily but recovers very quickly without medication. He still requires more rest than most kids his age but he’s out of pain, happy, confident, and so glad to be starting his life.  He wants to be a screen writer.  He is my hero.

Our family’s hero is Dr. Aldino Pierotti.  Thank you Dr. Pierotti for devoting your time to educate yourself, your patients, and for healing people that need your help.  No child or adult should be allowed to suffer in pain when there is help and hope. Our family thanks you for helping our son.  We will always need you and pray you help other people like Townsend.

Townsend suffered for 8 years. Dr. Pierotti cured the fatigue and pain and gave our son his life back in 4 months.

Thank you again Dr. Pierotti for being an exceptional doctor and wonderful person.

Hustinson Family

I am grateful every day for my restored health, and that we have a physician like Dr. Pierotti in our area.  When I first saw Dr. Pierotti, not only was I suffering from severe menopausal symptoms (including extreme fatigue and severe hot flashes, as well as joint pain), I had been diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis three years earlier at age 45.  The gastroenterologists thought it was just a “coincidence” that I should be diagnosed with this just as my perimenopausal symptoms were increasing.  On the other hand, Dr. Pierotti quickly identified and treated both issues that were contributing to the colitis:  hormonal deficiency, and dysbiosis (imbalance of the gut flora).  The orthodox physicians had put me on prednisone three times and were at a point of recommending that I go on chronic systemic immunosuppression (which could have severe and even terminal side-effects).  However, Dr. Pierotti recognized that rather than being overactive, my immune system was actually underactive (due to hormonal insufficiency), and that part of the immune system was trying to compensate for its overall decline by being over-reactive.  Dr. Pierotti also addressed the nutritional deficiencies that are common with severe colitis.  As I gradually increased my hormone dosages, my bowel function returned to normal, my hot flashes stopped, I no longer had joint pain, and my energy returned to its former abundant levels.  I felt like “me” again for the first time in years.

Dr. Pierotti also differs from the orthodox approach in that he respects each patient’s wisdom about what his/her own body needs, and recognizes that what is a normal level for one person may be excessive or deficient for another.  This allows me to titrate the doses of hormones to exactly the level that is optimal for my body, even as my body’s needs continue to change over time, so I neither take more than needed, nor am I left still deficient.

Although still rejected by many orthodox physicians, I believe that the use of bioidentical hormones is the medicine of the future.  Many orthodox physicians do not yet recognize that the effects of the bioidentical hormones are very different from the effects of the artificial hormones that were the subject of the so-called Women’s Health Initiative study.  On the basis of that study, many orthodox physicians prefer not to prescribe any hormones and believe that all hormones are dangerous.  This is overgeneralization, a classic fallacy of deductive logic.  The artificial hormones (which are what most orthodox physicians prescribe, and again, were the subject of the study) are estrogen-like molecules (i.e., they bind to the estrogen receptor), or progesterone-like molecules (i.e., they bind to the progesterone receptor), but they are molecules that the body has never encountered before, so in my opinion it is hardly surprising that they would have dangerous side-effects.  On the other hand, the bioidentical hormones that Dr. Pierotti and others in the practice of anti-aging medicine use are identical to the molecules that our bodies used to produce more abundantly, and so using the bioidentical hormones is simply restoring our bodies to a more youthful state, replacing molecules that our bodies need for optimal health.  I believe, based on my personal experience, that a wide range of modern maladies that are not yet know to be related to hormonal imbalance will eventually be found to be so.

For anyone suffering from midlife decline, the best thing you can do for yourself is to see Dr. Pierotti.  He restored me from significant decline to abundant health quickly and easily, and I am so grateful

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