The Adrenal-Thyroid Connection

Very few conditions are as frustrating as a combined thyroid/adrenal fatigue. Frequently, the adrenal insufficiency is undiagnosed or ignored. If you have been fortunate enough to be diagnosed and treated for thyroid problems, but this treatment hasn’t been fully successful, there may be additional information you need in order to feel well. Despite adequate thyroid treatment, for it to work properly is entirely dependent on your adrenal function. Many people with low thyroid (hypothyroidism) have the same immune difficulty with their adrenal gland as they do with the thyroid… this is known as Adrenal Fatigue.

It is increasingly becoming evident that the majority of  low thyroid cases are due to Hashimoto’s AutoImmune Thyroiditis. A frequent co-existent condition with thyroiditis is adrenalitis. It is generally mild enough to go undetected, yet serious enough to interfere with thyroid hormone’s function in your tissues.

You might be dealing with a combined thyroid/adrenal problem if you are a thyroid sufferer and:

  • you have particularly low stamina for stress
  • you have excess mood responses after eating carbs (hypoglycemia)
  • you have particularly low blood pressure (momentary lightheadedness upon standing up)
  • you experience chronic nagging low back/flank pain
  • you have chronic allergies
  • you are feeling “tired but wired”
  • you have your best energy when others are getting ready for bed
  • you have poor resistance to respiratory infections
  • you have cystic breasts
  • you have difficulty recuperating from extra exertion or jet lag

Each gland needs the other for support. You can’t simply boost one without also boosting the other, and can’t do it well by giving big doses of either at any one time. The glands need to gradually adapt to the new environment of expanded function. This is why titrating up slowly on thyroid medication and adrenal supporting medication is important. Patients often wonder why they require more medication as they initially begin to heal and then are able to decrease/titrate back down as they feel better. Remember..SLOW and STEADY WINS the RACE!